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Wednesday, 10 Feb, 2021

The digital carbon footprint of Dezeen; the worlds most popular architecture website.

Dezeen is "the world's most popular and influential architecture and design site". One which I've personally loved for many years. But, as I…
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Thursday, 03 Dec, 2020

Website Carbon Badges

We've added website carbon badges so you can show off how good your website is for the planet. Getting started It's really simple and…
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Sunday, 22 Nov, 2020

Use SVG icons like a pro in your React apps

Let's say we've been asked to make an awesome Chess game. We've watched The Queens Gambit about 10 times for inspiration and, now we're…
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Monday, 16 Nov, 2020

Dispatches - Is Your Online Habit Killing the Planet?

An interesting investigation in the carbon footprint of the tech industry. It was exciting and encouraging to see a documentary of this…
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Friday, 09 Oct, 2020

5 reasons to host your images on our CDN powered by renewables

Image heavy website's are big culprits forslow page load times and high website carbon emissions. With automatic compression, optimisation…
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Wednesday, 09 Sep, 2020

Improve site speed & website carbon emissions by turning off Feefo's Media Panel

Feefo are a company that provide customer reviews. It helps all sorts of people from the other customers, to buinesses owners to make sure…
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