EcoPing + Antrop on a mission to reduce the digital carbon footprint

A positive partnership for the planet to reduce the impact of the internet and reduce carbon emissions.

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We're thrilled to announce we've partnered with award-winning design & UX agency Antrop.

A partnership that combines their keen eye for design and UX, a passion for sustainability and our tools to measure the impact of companies digital carbon footprints.

Mixing these skills is incredibly important for us. As developers we struggle with design and UX. Antrop give us the knowledge of what customers need to reduce their website carbon emissions, and importantly how users would interact with a tool like ours.

With the collaboration with EcoPing, we take the next step in our sustainability work. Now we can easily start measuring our customers 'digital services' climate impact and thus be able to create more sustainable services - UX designer Jonas HallΓ©hn.

We've already kicked it off and worked together to create a new dashboard view (which you can now checkout for free when signing up). Not only did they produce beautiful new components but exciting new features perfect for digital agencies. The new competitor analysis graphs give such insight to your own site but also how that ranks to your competitors. And now having the ability to check all site pages allows us to measure the impact of an entire website.

More important for us than finding the right skills and experience was finding the right people. Everyone we've worked with at Antrop have been so friendly, passionate and share so many values of our own, making for a lovely work dynamic.

Both Byron and I can't wait to continue working with Antrop on improving EcoPing to help as much as we can to reduce the impact of the internet.

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