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Tools to improve your company's website carbon emissions & performance.

EcoPing provides tools and reports with key insights & actions to improve your company's website carbon emissions & performance. Reducing the impact on our lovely planet.

Did you know

Shaving off a single kilobyte in a file that is being loaded on 2 million websites reduces CO2 emissions by an estimated 2950 kg per month.

That is the same amount of CO2 saved each month as 5 flights from Amsterdam to New York (679 kg CO2 per flight). A great part about this is that it's instantaneous too. This would otherwise take 2.95 broad leaf trees 100 years to sequester the same amount.

Source: Danny Van Kooten

Detailed reports

Detailed reports & insights of your website's carbon footprint.

Our daily site checks make sure your website is performing the best it can over time. Resource breakdowns, carbon emission calculator, carbon comparisons and mobile data costs... all in one place.

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Website sustainability reports showing website resources over time

Renewable CDN

Simple file upload & storage on our CDN powered by renewables.

EcoCDN makes your images available all around the world on our renewable first Content Delivery Network (CDN). No config, or confusing bucket setup, just easy upload and optimization.

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Did you know...

The average website produces 1.76 grams of CO2 per page view.

Reducing your websites carbon emissions will speed up your website & increase user experience?

Choosing to host your web page on green hosting, would emit 9% less CO2!

Tips & Tricks

Start tracking your websites over time to see where to improve.

With both code and no-code solutions we can give your team tips & tricks to improve your company's website.

Website sustainability reports showing website resources over time
Website sustainability reports showing website resources over time

Email Reports

Weekly reports directly to your email.

Weekly reporting emails provide your team a brief look at overall performance, uptime and carbon emissions throughout the week, without leaving the inbox.

Making your website more eco-friendly is not only great for the planet, but it's great for business too!

Website carbon emissions have a direct relationship to overall website size, page load times and resources used. Improving these areas is great for search engine ranking, customer experience. And is show to decrease bounce rates, improving sales and conversions!

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