We're on a mission to clean up the internet and reduce website carbon emissions. To make the internet a greener and more sustainable place.

We've created great tools to help give you all the insights you need to reduce your company's carbon footprint. Our reports identify key areas you need to improve and allows you to track performance over time, so it's always improving.

What's the problem?

With every web page we visit it comes with its own carbon emissions and unfortunately it's really easy to make a website that produces large amounts of CO2.

From images and fonts, to CSS and Javascript it all needs to be transferred from data centers to our devices, which all consumes electricity. A lot of electricity. 416.2 TWh per year to be precise. This creates a website carbon emissions.

On average every website view produces 0.62 grams of CO2 per visit. Or 31 human farts worth (0.62/0.02). Some websites produce small farts. But some produce massive ones, like really big ones, and especially over time and with large numbers of users. And also as only 37% of this comes from renewables.

A greener internet

With over a 50% increase in transfer size within four years and and estimates that the communications industry could grow by 13% by 2025 the world of the web and the data transferred is only getting bigger.

If we're not conscious of what goes in to these website it makes the internet and increasingly smelly place to be. These large sizes to websites means slow load times, expensive phone bills, poor user retention, so making them smaller and more eco-friendly is not just great for users, but great for business too.

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