Updating Our Website Carbon Dashboard to V3

We've had a great week this week. And, to start October off here is a weekly update from EcoPing HQ

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We've just launched v3.0.0 of EcoPing. It's been few months in the making for us but we're pleased to have gone live with this much improved new version.

  • Improved frontend data transfer by 95x
  • Improved backend transfer from database to API by 6x (using Mongo aggregates)
  • Contributed and Integrated with CO2.js to standardising website carbon calculations with Wholegrain Digital and the new version of Ecograder.
  • Improved all site graphs to fetch data more efficiently
  • Improved competitor analytics filtering for main sites graph
  • Improved live grid data on each website report
  • Added CO2 conversions to each report page
  • Improved page actions
  • Improved site and pages averages for better overview of a site as a whole
  • Improved UI & UX from @BjarneOldrup's feedback
  • Improved EcoScore from @nicolasparies's feedback
  • Split out site reports into multiple pages with easier to understand data from Antrop's
  • Added Plausible analytics integration (backend only)

Next up on our list is:

  • Add Plausible integration on the frontend
  • Add more blog posts

If there are any features you would like please feel free to email us at: hello@ecoping.earth or reach out on Twitter we're happy to chat and collaborate.

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