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A carbon neutral calculator to calculate how to offset your website's emissions

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Here we can calculate the carbon emissions produced each year by our website. Simply type in the amount of CO2 produces on each page load (from EcoPing) and, how many monthly visitors you receive (from your analytics provider).

Over a year, with 10,000
monthly page views, your website produces 336.00kg of CO2 equivalent.

🌳 15 trees

This web page emits the amount of carbon that 15 mature trees absorb in a year. This would cost:

🌊🌿 0.34 km of seaweed

You would need to plant 0.34 square kilometers of seaweed.


I hope this tool helps you to understand the emissions that your website is producing. Going carbon neutral is a nice idea, but we should be looking at reducing emissions as much a possible first. I believe the best way to reduce our digital impact is by improving the performance of our websites, in turn reducing our website carbon emissions.

Once we've reduced as much as possible, then it's a good idea to offset the rest of the emissions.

Next up - How to make a website carbon neutral

Let's look at how to make a website carbon neutral.

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