How to ping every page of my website.

Why it's a good and bad idea to track your entire sites website's carbon emissions.

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Lots of people who signup for EcoPing would like to see the carbon emissions of their entire website.

It's great that they want to, and technically possible on EcoPing, but we suggest an alternative way which is getting a subsection of pages that make up your website.

Why it's a good idea

The more pages we can track of a website can give us a more in-depth view of the site's website carbon emissions. If we tracked all the pages of a site we could get a great idea of the site's entire digital impact. This is great to understand how much we would need to buy in offsets.

It's fascinating to see how each page has different resources and how they change over time.

Why it's a bad idea

Some sites have a lot of pages. Take Dezeen for example they have a whopping 15,000 pages. To do a daily ping on all 15k of pages would create a huge amount of impact for EcoPing. We would need to add a huge amount of infrastructure for a site this big. And that's just one site.

The solution

When you add a site to EcoPing you can add as many sites as you would like. We do it this way, manually to make you think about the pages you add and have the flexibility to add and remove them.

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