Your website has a high co2 grid intensity

A guide to how to turn off Feefo's Media Panel snippets and how that can improve your website.

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With every daily report we give you actions on how to improve your website.

One of these key actions says "Your site has a high CO2 intensity" but what on earth does this mean?

What is carbon intensity?

Carbon intensity referes to how much CO2 emissions are produced per kilowatt hour of electricity that is produced or consumed.

How does this relate to a website?

With each daily ping we get a list of your websites resources (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) and where in the world they come from (it could be images from India).

We then check what the carbon intensity is in those regions or countries to give a carbon intensity for that resource.

For example Western India currently produces electricity at 718 gCO2e/kWh this is very high!

This is how we determine how green your website really is.

Find out more

We've got a few blog posts about this if you would like to learn more:

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  • How green is my website hosting?
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