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The backbone of EcoPing is our daily website carbon reports, or pings. It gathers key metrics about your website from per page Carbon Emissions to Page Load Time.

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Our daily pings are the backbone of EcoPing.

With each ping we grab lots of lovely data about each web page and create a helpful report. We have a good rummage around. Looking at your HTML, CSS, how many requests does a page make and, where in the world do they come from and most importantly the overall transfer size of the page.

We use the transfer size to calculate the per view carbon emissions of each page.

Firm believers that before you can improve something, you should measure it to get a baseline. When you can start making changes and see how they effect your metrics like EcoScore, CO2 grams, performance and many other key metrics we track.

We bundle all of this data together to create a helpful daily report for each website you add.

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