🚀 On a mission to reduce the carbon footprint of the Internet! 🌎

The world's first CDN hosted on renewable energy.

Our eco-friendly CDN is the perfect place to host your images. Images are the bloat on a website that increase website carbon emissions. Our simple upload does everything for you, it converts, compresses and serves you an image from green hosting, all over the world.

Currently our network of servers in 10 locations runs mostly off off green hyrdo electricity, geothermal, wind and solar power. So you'll have minimal impact to the planet with every image served.

Is your CDN really eco-friendly?

We have had picked the data centres around the world that are primarly fueled by hydro-electriciy (run-of-river) but also in countries that have a high percentage of renewable production.

Where do you store my images?

You can store your images wherever you would like. By default they will be in lovely Sweden.

What happeneds if the hydro-electric dam turns off?

Great questions! These data centres will use power from the local grid, this is why we've hand-picked these location to be high production renewable electricy, even at a grid level.

Why not have a location in the UK?

Becuase on average the UK is powered by Gas and not renewables. There are spikes during the summer where renewable energy production out weighs fossil fuels, but until this is a more consistant event, we are going to host in countries like Norway with 90%+ of renewable production.

Doesn't hosting in futher away counties negate the green benifits?

There are over the wire costs with transmitting data from futher away. But that's why we have tried to get locations spread across the world in convient locations. As soon as there is a run-of-river server in the central Europe... we're on it.

Where are all of your servers?

Our eco-friendly servers are in: Seattle, Winnipeg, Montreal, San Jose, Reykjavik, Stavanger, Boden, Niarobi, Tblisi, Hobart. If you would like to find out more information please visit ours Data center page.

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