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Perfect for those with busy schedules, our new website carbon emails keep you up to date without having the need to login.

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Keeping track of your website emission has got even easier with our new email notifications.

We now send you weekly email reports when you sign up for EcoPing.

How do I change my settings?

Once you've logged in (which is free) you can view your email notification freqeuncy in the settings page.

The options you can choose are:

  • None
  • Weekly

What do the emails look like?

They are pretty darn simple.

We've taken the sites table from your dashboard view and slimmed them down for an email.

Giving you all the information you need in a easily readible format. So you can check how your website pages are doing from anywhere. They also work great on mobile too.

Doesn't sending emails generate carbon emissions?

Yes it sure does! 😔 We actually made a blog post about it. But, we've kept them super lightweight as possible.

Contious to keep down the impact of our serivce our emails are just plain old text, no attachments or no images.

We hope that the value of the emails will vastly out weigh the ~0.4g per email sent.

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