Integrating carbon accounting software to measure your website carbon emissions.

Showing your carbon accounting software how it could integrate with EcoPing to reduce scope 3 website carbon emissions.

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Calculating your carbon footprint is an incredibly important and useful thing to do personally and as a business. With scope 3 emissions becoming mandatory for all public sector contracts and tenders in the UK (September 29th 2021), it's now time add website carbon emissions to your accounting software.

EcoPing has a powerful API to integrate with your carbon accounting software. Giving you the latest website carbon emissions data on your website. Once you've added a site we will check this site each day and report back key metrics like:

  • EcoScore - A score out of 100 based on things like carbon intensity and Google Lighthouse scores.
  • CO2 per page view - Amount of carbon emissions produces each page view
  • Transfer Size - Transferred over the network
  • Page Load Time - Websites page load time
  • Resources breakdown - Resources loaded by the page
  • Renewables breakdown (to determine how green your websites hosting is)
url: '',
ecoscore: 0.98,
co2grams: 0.25,
transferSize: 47235,
pageLoadTime: 2457,
comparedTo: {
period: '7d',
ecoscore: 0.82,
co2grams: 0.65,
transferSize: 63235,
pageLoadTime: 4657,
percentageChange: {
ecoscore: -19.5,
co2grams: -61.5,
transferSize: -25.3,
pageLoadTime: -47.2,

We can also send back optional tips and tricks to help your clients improve their website emissions.

If you would like to find out more please feel free to get in touch at:

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