EcoPing's Daily Website Carbon Report

Everyday EcoPing creates a website carbon report to help improve your website.

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Our website carbon report page is updated every day to give everything you need in one place.

We've tried to break up each report into three sections:

  1. Overview - A quick look at how good or bad your website is
  2. Insights - Information about your website and hosting
  3. Actions - Developers tasks to improve your website


The top section of a report page give you a quick over view of your website. It includes:

  • EcoScore: A score out of 100 based on things like carbon intensity and Google Lighthouse scores.

  • CO2 grams: Amount of carbon emissions produces each page view

  • Transferred: Transferred over the network

  • Resources: Resources loaded by the page

  • Load time: 2.5 seconds or less is good

  • Requests: amount of requests made to load your website. 73 is the average.

  • Countries: how many countries your resources come from

  • CO2 intensity: the grid intensities where your resources come from.

  • Low-carbon: overall percentage of how low-carbon your site is

EcoPing's overview section show key stats in your daily website audit


This graph below shows the daily change of resources of your website and total page size.

A resource graph over time showing how your website's resouces change

The resource locations table shows where all the resources that your website needs to run come from around the world.

From here we can calculate how the carbon intensity of the grids in those conuntries using live energy data.

This is how we decide if your website has environmentally friendly hosting.

You can also get a breakdown of the resources with the largest transfer size.

Resource locations show what countries your website resouces come from

In each report you'll see scores for key KPIs from Google Lighthouse we've added these in to give you everything you need in one place.

Intergrated daily reports with Google Lighthouse to give clear metrics on website performance


At the bottom of each report we show you ways to improve your site.

These actions are the first place to start when trying to improve your website carbon emissions.

Google Lighthouse actions to help developers improve carbon emissions and boost performance
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