How to offset your carbon emission with Ecologi

Ecologi is the best way to offset your carbon emissions by funding many different types of drawdown solutions

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We can't pin all our hopes on tree planting to reduce the world's 51 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases.

We need to look at different options and we think Ecologi is the easiest and best there is to help.

Not only do they plant trees in the UK but also they fund projects that make a real difference to reducing greenhouse gases. They use waste biomass to produce electricity in Chile, Solar power generation, Small scale onshore wind in India, greener cookstoves in Zambia.

A rainbow graph showing greenhouse gases outputs and the natural sinks we need to absobe the emissions.
👆 A wonderful representation of emissions sources & natural sinks


Put simply going "carbon neutral" is not good enough.

By signing up to Ecologi you can make your website climate positive which is so much better.

This is why we're big fans of Ecologi. They do more than plant trees to remove greenhouse gases. They help fund inspiring projects all around the world.

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