How to make a website carbon neutral

Going carbon neutral is at the top of many companies' recent agendas. We believe that making reducing your digital carbon footprint and making your website carbon neutral is a great place to start.

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What does carbon neutral mean?

Carbon neutral means that the emissions produced by a company are balanced by the same amount removed.

In this digital context, it means offsetting the carbon emissions that your website produces.

How much carbon does my website produce?

The first thing we need to do is to calculate how much CO2 our website produces on each page load. For this, we can use EcoPing. It’s free to add a site URL to your dashboard and see a daily website carbon report which will show how much CO2 is produced per page visit.

Key stats and insights about your website performance and carbon emissions produced each page load
👆 Daily insights from each daily report

It’s important to note that adding our agency tier makes it possible to check an entire websites's carbon emissions, not just one homepage URL. You can add as many pages as you would like. This will give a better overall view of your website's carbon emissions. To learn more you can checkout ….

Now we know how much CO2 is produced per page view, we can multiply this by monthly visitors. This will show how must CO2 is produced each month and intern how much we need to offset.

Carbon neutral calculator

Here we can calculate the carbon emissions produced each year by our website. Type in the amount of CO2 produces on each page load (from EcoPing) and, how many monthly visitors you receive (from your analytics provider).

Over a year, with 10,000
monthly page views, your website produces 211.20kg of CO2 equivalent.

🌳 10 trees

This web page emits the amount of carbon that 10 mature trees absorb in a year. This would cost:

🌊🌿 0.21 km of seaweed

You would need to plant 0.21 square kilometers of seaweed.


To make a website carbon neutral we need to follow three simple steps:

  1. Measure your website's carbon emissions with EcoPing.
  2. Calculate the total monthly/yearly emissions.
  3. Offset these emissions with Ecologi

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