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Find out where your website resources come from and compare your website carbon reports based of multiple locations around the world.

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What are multiple ping locations?

Multiple ping locations is a new feature on EcoPing.

It's a simple select box that allows you to choose the location of where your daily website carbon report comes from.

Why is this useful?

Let's say you're; a great property website in Sweden, with a majority of traffic coming from Sweden. It doesn't make much sense hosting all your images in India. Nor CSS from Canada. You want them nice and close to your users. The less distance transferred over the network means less emissions and a faster experience for your users.

Hosting your images in India isn't great for the environment too. Western India electricity uses a lot of coal to produce it's electricity (700 gCO₂eq/kWh). Keeping a data center on 24/7 is going to be much more polluting on the planet than hosting in Sweden (28 gCO₂eq/kWh) or close by in renewable rich Norway (24 gCO₂eq/kWh).

What does it show?

We can see on the EcoPing sites table (within the dashboard view) how running a ping from different locations returns different key metrics for a site.

As EcoPing uses live grid data (carbon intensity) to help calculate per page carbon emissions we can see the effect in the CO2 grams column. The EcoScore is our key metric of how good your website it. It's calculated using a few other metrics that we gather from each report; CO2 grams per page view, total page size and Google's Lighthouse scores.

What countries can I choose from?

We've chosen 6 locations around the world. 4 of which we consider eco-friendly locations

  • Sweden
  • Paris
  • Seattle
  • Toronto

And 2 in locations of popular EcoPing traffic (not super eco-friendly):

How do I add it?

  1. Login to EcoPing (it's free!)
  2. Click "Add a site"
  3. Fill in a website name and URL
  4. Choose a location from the "Ping Location" section

Want more locations?

If you would like a specific country added to the list, please do let us know!

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