Frequently Asked Questions

Can I check a website for free?

You sure can! Once you've signed up to EcoPing you can add a site to your dashboard. We will "ping" or check this site every day so you can see your website carbon emissions over time.

How many websites can I check?

It depends what plan you signup for but for example our Agency plan allows your to check/ping as many as you want!

  • Free - 1 site and 1 sub-page
  • Basic - 3 site and 3 sub-page
  • Pro - 5 site and 5 sub-page
  • Agency - Unlimited sites and Unlimited sub-pages

Checkout our Pricing page for more features.

Can I check sub-pages?

Yes you can! When you add a new site to EcoPing in your dashboard view you can add pages within your site, on our Agency tier this is as many as you want.

How do you calculate website carbon emissions?

We use the latest and greatest calculations from Sustainable Web Design. With a few changes...

  • Dynamic grid intensity - We don't use the hard coded 475g/kWh. Getting this value from live grid data from around the world. Giving a better reflection the how data centers and websites are powered.
  • Green hosting - We calculate how green your website's hosting is by looking at where your websites resources come from and the energy production in those countries.

Why don't you check for green certificates?

We think it's a bit too easy to simply buy a certificate and become a green host. For us it's about where the resources that make up your website come from, what's the energy production like in those countries that run those servers.

Take a look at Electricity map to give an idea of where your power comes from and what is being produced.

Aren't many cloud services already renewable & carbon neutral?

Companies like Amazon and Google have committed become carbon neutral by 2025 (Amazon) and 2030 (Google) . Current commitments for both seems to be based on renewable energy credits and offsets. There are datacentres running of renewable energy for both Amazon & Google, or like one we use from Microsoft Azure that's based in Washington state which runs off renewable hydroelectric power.

I have green hosting but EcoPing says I don't, why is this?

We don't look at your specific hosting provider. We intergrate each report with live grid data so we can see where in the world your resouces come from and what the energy production is like.

Giving a clearer idea of how green web hosting is.

Can I ping/check all my website's pages?

Yes you can. On our Agency tier you can add as many pages to a site check as you would like.

By adding 10 pages we think you can get a good idea what of your entire website carbon emissions.

If you would like us to calculate this for all of your site, please send us an email and we can help.

I have a client that would like help calculating their carbon emissions, can you help?

We sure can. Please send us an email to: and we can help.